western cape auctions western cape auctionsIt’s been more than 20 years that we as Auctioneers have been one of the auction leaders in the catering & furniture equipment industry. For the past 20 years the assets of more than 3000 Restaurants, Coffee shops, Super Markets, Bakeries and Butcheries have been auctioned off by our auctioneers.

Successful refurbishments falling under the hammer were franchises like, OK Mini Markets, 7 Eleven, Primi Piatti, Saddles, Twinz Pizza, Steers, St Elmo’s, Something Fishy, Cinnamon Bun, Wiesenhoff Coffees, Wimpy, Nando’s, only to mention a few.


Auctioning more than 3000 Restaurants from 2010 through to 2018, it takes a committed team who knows exactly what they are doing. What puts our company a cut above the rest is selling all those assets to potential restauranteurs and creating new business opportunities to a over growing client base. Through the years we have grown in experience but also have grown in clientele.

Every auction held ranges between 100-500 lots (items) and our auctioneer’s auction between 100-300 lots /hour. They have on average between 50 and 300 registered buyers at their auctions.

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