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WESTERN CAPE AUCTIONS will not sell or distribute your personal information to any list, telemarketing or mass distribution company or firm. Your information will be kept strictly confidential. WESTERN CAPE AUCTIONS may disclose information regarding accounts if requested to do so by law.



This Acceptable Use Policy represents WESTERN CAPE AUCTIONS agreement and understanding between WESTERN CAPE AUCTIONS and the account holder ("customer") and supersedes any other written or oral agreement pertaining to your WESTERN CAPE AUCTIONS services. By using any of the services offered by WESTERN CAPE AUCTIONS, the customer is bound by and must comply with this Policy in its entirety. Violations will result in cancellation of your services or such other action as WESTERN CAPE AUCTIONS, in it's sole discretion, may deem appropriate.


If you do not agree with this Poicy, please notify our accounts department at 021-201 10101. USE OF YOUR ACCOUNT SHALL CONSTITUTE YOUR APPROVAL AND COMPLIANCE WITH THIS POLICY.